Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WA Art Gallery - Plates, blocks and stones exhibition 2011

I have just spent a rather relaxed and enjoyable Sunday morning, early afternoon in the Art Gallery - having a look at some beautiful prints with the Dwellingup Retreat and Art Weekend group - minus our patron - I might add! 

The prints in our WA Art Gallery collection are diverse and represented a strong cross section of print makers and types of printmaking.

Picasso, Lautrec, William Blake, Gauguin and Kandinsky prints- all the well known artists names with sound prints representing their work.

German print maker Kathe Kollwitz 's work "The Peasants War Cry" was confronting yet beautifully done.
I loved being able to see an Egon Schiele print - wee hoo- I just couldn't make the Melbourne exhibition of the Viennese Masters, so the poster of Egon Schiele's was a real treat to be able to see here in Perth!

However, it was a good visit for those who came along, followed by a fairly authentic yum cha lunch - all well worth the effort to get into the Gallery (and the Cultural Centre - I had not counted on all the models and the activity for fashion week happening in Northbridge too) and see what is on offer.

I am fired up for our next Dwellingup Retreat and Arts Weekend ! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

The back yard studio has started

After considerable years in the making, months spent discussing the pros and cons of having a studio in our backyard the work has finally started!

We have selected a building company - who work in steel frame construction sheds, patios etc, and things are happening!

Finally a place to put the canvases, paints, drawing boards, easel and me!