Sunday, September 2, 2012

spring has sprung - art and music news

Spring time in the studio - with some art works started  - I am looking forward to getting into a bit more painting as the study eases up. In particular some of the drawings of the bush scapes, trees that I started on the trip inland to the salmon gum area of WA, with the Great Western woodlands group. 

study of trees with morning colours of the salt lake in back ground

Music news - Lammas Tide - who I have blogged about before have there new single launch at the Rosemount Hotel on the 9th September  - Partridge Farm! the video clip has been locally made by a friend's son and his mate who are on their gap year. Lead singer, Em, keeps and interesting blog on tumblr and runs an awesome music teaching business  - Rock Scholars.

Hope to see some faces that I know at Rosemount Hotel on the 9th  

'Daisy' at Botanic Gardens Sydney 2012 

I will be the one on the dance floor  - having a psychedelic folk rock jig or two!