Saturday, August 31, 2013

After time away....Jacsbac!

The year has flown by but today I am starting back on my blogging effort - I hope to keep a more up-to-date profile of what I have been doing on this site - although it has been a hectic 2013 with returning to secondary teaching, making time for me to use and enjoy the studio & my printmaking projects - well, excuses I know....but it has put quite a toll on my free time.

Image below shows some of my pen and ink drawings of  some banksia flowers and a lino printing plate I am currently working on - great to have the space to do some art again! now I just need to get my 'headspace' sorted!

My completed studies have helped me free up some 'headspace' this year after finishing the Masters of Ed course and a real surprise, I was awarded the John Lake Medal for Excellence, 2013, Curtin University.

I am very , very you can see! Thank you Curtin Uni, family and friends for help and advice over the course of the study and research. The award was a great way for me to say hmmm perhaps a doctorate next? ...never!   

My new challenge this year has been creating a positive and welcoming classroom whilst teaching at a new school with some pretty tough groups of kids! So that has taken up most of my time so far in 2013.

I hope to get back to some slightly more regular postings of my reflections and thoughts on music, travels and art soon!

How is your 2013 going?