Monday, December 5, 2011

Dancing into summer

Not much art and very little travel to write up on my blog lately - with my thesis study deadline looming -  often my only release is some foot stomping - so it is thanks to a friend who is also musically inclined towards diverse tastes and tribes of all things musical that I have an awesome YouTube video to share from the Black Keys.  It is currently re-looped onto my study break music tracks.

I also have a recommended CD from ABC music critic Tim Ritchie, Clairy Browne and the Banging Rockettes. My Baby Caught a Bus - is quite a boppy track - but really,  I love her voice and hope to hear more from her / them soon. They are a Melbourne nine piece - with a big sound - just what I like - a bit less hip hop than my current favourite Brow Horn Orchestra - the Perth band with brass and hip hop roots.

The Lammas Tide at Ya-Yas was a great night out recently (see last blog)  the venue has been repainted - also thanks for the 80s disco theme after midnight, I much appreciated the opportunity to dance oh-oh-oh   dance,  oh- oh-oh boogie wonderland etc. and I had the original moves still!
I thought two names to keep an eye out for were Lammas Tides support bands - in particular; Nosey Parker and Deep River Collective.

OK - end of my music break  - back to the books!