Sunday, August 5, 2012

Post-thesis break!

Yes, I have completed the thesis part of my Masters in Education - whew!
Really pleased that the results from the examiner panel has meant that I don't have to revisit it again -so in keeping with the theme of not revisiting things I decided on a holiday to Sydney to celebrate!

We found a cool house in Balmain -really great architect designed place - we are loving it!

The house was in Balmain (near Darling Street see above pic) - very handy to two ferries to Circular Quay, buses and the place was full of local dress and gift shops, bakeries, bars and restaurants - fantastic!
However, the surrounding street and laneway near the house was noisy and a bus stop was just out the front of the place so I was told that in the front rooms ear plugs were needed!

Great weather, very easy to get around - considering we travelled on public transport for most of the time and were a party of 7 - we found it not too difficult to get out and about every day.
We also saw some fantastic public art too.

This installation in a CBD laneway in Sydney is called "Birdsong"  and as you walk underneath the suspended cages a recording of an endangered bird are played......just so inspiring!

After  10 days in Balmain and the central Sydney area, our USA friends left us for home and we continued on to Manly to visit friends there. It was, yet again, great weather and we enjoyed several coastal walks which included great coffee stops midway. One walk featured some some really interesting sculptural art.

It was a great holiday in Sydney - made all the better by sharing it with some local friends and our USA ones too. I would recommend it!