Monday, March 28, 2011

posted the picture to entice amanda to New Zealand

The last post I put up was just a photo - and I didn't have time to provide the commentary - so here is some context for the snap shot now.

It was taken in my last week or so in my beloved Hokianga in New Zealand's North of the North Island ...heaven on a stick  that place - I will one day return to spend even more time there.
It is a place where Hone Heke one or the Maori tribal kings arrived and paddled his canoe up the harbour.
It is spectacular - I have been on the harbour in a motor boat but will train and go back to do the paddle.
Best day our horse riding in my life to date!  and I fell off hard too! but still it was wonderful - what a life experience I really loved the opportunity to see the place for horse back with a friend Rob Pink - a local identify who horse rides funds the local polo games, horses, gear training for the local tamariki (kids) and does a range of community based activities in the area. Rob has been n movies riding in adventure outfits around New Zealand but is a down to Earth guy that if you are ever in the Hokianga, in a town named Rawene, stop and ask if he is about- he will organise a trek on horse back that you will never forget - but watch out those horses are pretty wild up there !


  1. LOL I wondered what that photo was all about! The scenery looks gorgeous but I'm not sure about the horse-riding - I've never done that - esp if they're pretty wild!! But I am definitely very keen to get to NZ. xx

  2. Thanks for the made me very homesick for NZ.

  3. I love the place - I went there when my partner took up a 2 year community nursing contract and I have been in love with the Hokianga and its people ever since. I used to run the second hand shop and hardware store in Rawnene two days a week! It was a great change of lifestyle and pace of living for me after being a fly in fly out national consultant for a private teaching and learning company for 3 years. I needed the change! Boy did I need the change ...but that is probably a whole other post one day!
    -where are you from in NZ? You know it will call you, its special like that.