Monday, October 17, 2011

Music for the springtime!

Just checked out what are some good vibe music events for this pre-summer, warmer & earlier evening times  and noticed one or two of noteworthy-ness!
Firstly the old favourite from Fairbridge and the Wilderness Society's gigs -Brow Horn Orchestra are on at the Fly By Night club - looks like it will be a fun night - along with Eco Faeries Unleashed and some serious sounding burlesque acts!  All for Freo Pride .

But I think the one I really don't want to miss is The Lammas Tide gig at Mojo's on Dec 4th. They are a great band - big sound worth a jig along to...

And my final pick also at the Fly by Night club is a funky soul night out - coming up really soon - same time as CHOGM - so if you haven't been invited to high tea with the queen - then as our beloved Australian queen Molly Meldrum used to say ....."do yourself a favour" ......head on out for some soul music!

Now where is the Victoria Park music scene........?  Hmmm


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