Thursday, October 13, 2011

Studio / Shed update

Very excited as the studio/shed moves nearer completion - the walls have been gyprocked and now we need to complete the bathroom tiling and plumbing, get the light fittings up - and then it is finished - oh not quite, still  need to finish the steps, privacy screens on fences and the sides of the veranda. Leaving the final  painting of the interior and exterior walls

We may need to hold some sort of 'barn raising' event here and get the whole thing painted in a weekend!
So be afraid, very afraid if you receive a invitation that mentions anything about "old clothing"  and naming a favourite painting implement! Actually, even if you casually call by to visit us in the month of December you may well need to come in old gear!  

 Photo taken looking out towards the house from inside the studio
this photo shows the studio in the background and the new retaining walls and back yard paving 

 all settling in well.... 



  1. Ooh it is really taking shape! Tania told me there has been lots of progress. Very exciting!

  2. yep closer now to completion-weehoo!